Torre del Baró-Vallbona

Torre Baró | Vallbona Station (L11).

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Line 11, shortened to L11 and coloured light green, is line belonging to the Barcelona Metro network operated by TMB, and part of the ATM fare-integrated transport network. It is unusual in being actually an underground light rail line instead of a conventional metro line. It only has 5 stations as of 2007.


It is the latest addition to the main TMB network, having been opened in 2003. It serves the hilly and dense northern corner of Barcelona, from Trinitat Nova - where it links with L4 - towards Can Cuiàs. It's more accurately defined as a light rail-like addition to line 4, still built under the standards of a regular metro line, as the addition of new stations was under consideration, and is already taking place. The colour assigned to this line by TMB is intended to represent a mixture of the official colours of line 4 and line 3, which join it at Trinitat Nova, its —at least temporarily— starting point. Additional metro lines projected to be built in following years will probably be quite similar to L11, and their colours have been designed using the same convention.

Technical details

Colour on map Light green
Number of stations 5
Type Automatic light rail metro
Length 2.1 km
Rolling stock 500 series
Areas covered Barcelona, Montcada i Reixac
Journey time 6 minutes
Track gauge 1435 mm
Traction Electricity
Power supply Rigid overhead wire
Open-air sections Torre Baró | Vallbona station
Mobile phone coverage Total
Depots Via Júlia
Operator TMB



Station Metro links Other links Locality
Trinitat Nova L3 L4 Barcelona (Nou Barris)
Casa de l'Aigua Barcelona (Nou Barris)
Torre Baró | Vallbona Rodalies Barcelona (Nou Barris)
Ciutat Meridiana Barcelona (Nou Barris)
Can Cuiàs Montcada i Reixac

L11 Barcelona Metro Line 11
Trinitat Nova · Casa de l'Aigua · Torre Baró | Vallbona · Ciutat Meridiana · Can Cuiàs

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